Why Are Car Wreckers So Important in Adelaide?

What picture crosses your mind when you come across the term, ‘car wreckers’? Surely, it paints a picture of a large, vacant place overwhelmed by the wreckage of cars. In short, auto wreckers are associated with the graveyard of old cars. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Wreckers are more than what they are. 

What are actually car wreckers? 

Technically speaking, car wreckers in Adelaide, like anywhere in the world, auto wreckers are establishments that are also termed car recyclers and auto dismantlers. Whatever name you may call them by, they would pay you for your unused, scrap cars and tow them away instantly to their junkyard to dismantle the useless parts of your car and recycle the metal, dispose of the spare parts that are beyond repairs in a careful and eco-friendly way. And when it comes to dealing with reusable spare parts, they will refurbish them in an eco-friendly way to make them fit to be reused by another vehicle. 

Why are these Auto Wreckers so Important in Adelaide like the rest of Australia? 

Now let’s get to the point. These car wreckers in Adelaide, like anywhere else in Australia, are the most credible and best source of scrap metal as well as second-hand auto parts. In fact, this is what they are famous for. 

A vehicle, regardless of its condition, is never absolutely useless. No matter whether it is old, scrapped, written off, or met with any major accident, there is a high chance that at least some parts of it are still usable. Some of these spare parts may be rudimentary, like the door handles, the interior leather and upholstery, the foot mats, the mirror, the stereo, the AC, and even some of the spare parts. 

It is the responsibility of these wreckers to trace the reusable spare parts of the dead cars and stock them up for reuse. For those who are in pursuit of these used spare parts for their cars, the junkyards of these wreckers are like gold mines. And what’s the catch for these people? 

The best part is that they get these parts for less than half of the price at which their first-hand avatars are available. Thus, you see, while professionals offering cash for cars in Adelaide pay a fitting price to the owners of these old cars, they also help in saving for those in pursuit of used spare parts. 

Car Wreckers Encourage recycling and landfill reduction 

By scrapping the old cars and recycling them, these auto dismantlers, who pay handsome cash for old cars in Adelaide, play a pivotal role in global warming. By scrapping the junk cars and recycling the auto parts, they would reduce the volume and need for resources that are needed to manufacture more spare parts. 

In other words, the energy source that is needed to recycle steel and aluminum is much less than the energy needed to extract new materials from the mine for making new spare parts out of the materials.

So do not delay selling your scrap car if you have one. Hire Adelaide Wreckers if you are located in and around the South Australian capital. Call us at 0882810088 to book our service. Or write to us at info@adelaidewreckers.com.au to know more.