What Happened to Cars When They are Scrapped?

What Happened to Cars When They are Scrapped?

Ever wonder regarding the unroadworthy vehicles? What happens to them when they are of no longer use? Obviously, the vehicles go for the process of scrapping i.e. remove the hazardous waste & recycling of spare parts of vehicles. Don’t let the scrap vehicle keep holding of top cash. However, by scrapping your vehicle, you can fill your pocket with a good amount. Make sure you are dealing with the top-level company for scrap vehicles in Adelaide.

Adelaide Wreckers is no.1 recognized company that offers the eco-friendly scrapping process for the wrecked/junk vehicles. Unlike, dodgy companies they never overcharge you in terms of the upper limit or any hidden charges.

Let’s Discuss the Scrapping Process

Vehicle Depollution –

When the car is no more roadworthy or reaches the end of its life, you would call for a scrap car removal company i.e. Adelaide Wreckers. That’s the world’s premier top reputed company for junk vehicles. The process of a company begins with the separation of auto parts and components of the vehicle and that’s called “Vehicle Depollution “. It’s an important part of vehicle scrapping to protect our motherland from pollution. Moreover, the company does have its own special equipment to do this process and the whole procedure is under the guidance of Adelaide standards. However, they are authorized and insured company.

The Spare Parts which are removed under this process are –

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Oil Filter
  • Switches Containing Mercury
  • Airbags
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Wheels and Lead Balance Weights
  • Seat Belts and Pre-Tensioners
  • Engine Transmission
  • Engine oil and many more…

Recycling of Scrap Metals-

After the vehicle depollution process, the car is left with scrap metals, spare parts, and other components. Now the process of recycling of all useful parts begins. The company carefully recycles the spare parts and then sells the parts in second-hand market of replacement. The parts such as the engine, starters, batteries, metal sheets, and many more are reconditioned and tested.

Tires and Batteries are the most valuable scrap parts and plenty of things can create from this. Even though, you can build the playground with use of old tires. Have you heard this anywhere? That’s so imperative!! Apart from this, you can also create welcome mats, weightlifting plates, and portable speed bumps. You can create endless things out of it. Don’t you think, you should go to the best auto removal company in Adelaide. So, you can feel proud by selling your junk vehicle for the best work rather than dumping in landfills.

If we talk about batteries, you would be surprised to know the usage of old batteries. It’s the best auto parts of junk car because it’s acid can be convert into the water through the neutralization process. Additionally, also convert to sodium sulphate, which further can use to manufacturing textiles and glass.

Crushing & Shredding of Vehicle –

In the end, what the company has left – The Car Body!! Now the process of shredding and crushing of car begins. In this process, the car will be a crush into small pieces. And then, the company uses magnets to separate the iron, steel, and other ferrous metals from the shredded material. However, the remaining residue of shredding is also useful in producing new material for many industrial applications.

The Bottom Line!!

In conclusion, we would like to say be attentive while selecting the scrapping service. All the companies in Adelaide are not honest and eco-friendly to their work. Even though, lots of companies are run by dodgy people. And the whole process of scrap vehicle is explained above. Your one decision regarding your scrap vehicle can make you earn top dollar as well as make your motherland green.