What Does a Car Write-off Mean? Things You Must Know & Understand

Accidents keep happening on the road. While in some cases the fault is of the drivers and communicators some due to other reasons. You might have seen on television news channels or read in the newspaper how the vehicle overturned and whose fault it was. Now when accidents happen there can be many different outcomes. In most cases when the four-wheeler damage is bigger and more severe it gets a term of a write-off or totalled. Such terms are used by insurance companies. They mean that the vehicle is so badly damaged that it can’t be repaired. And so the owners are left with no other options than to sell it to car wreckers in Adelaide.

What you need to understand is that having a comprehensive car insurance policy is a must for your written-off automobile. In case you don’t have it then you will face a lot of problems and you will be at a huge loss.

When Does A Car Gets The Term A Write-Off

Now you need to know when a four-wheeler gets the term a write-off. To get a good idea you must check out the points that are mentioned below.

  • The first thing that is done is an assessment of the vehicle after the accident. The insurance company sends an experienced and qualified person to assess the condition of the automobile to know what will be the cost of repairing.
  • The professional assessors do keep in mind the age of the four-wheeler, the cost of spare parts and whether it will be safe for the drivers to ride it after repair or not. In case nothing can be done then the owners look for wreckers who can give them good cash for cars in Adelaide.
  • An important thing that you must know is the damage is calculated by percentage. If the damage is more and the cost of repairing is 50 to 70 per cent higher than the total value of the automobile then the insurance company will write off the car.

The decision to write off the car is made by the insurance company which is mostly done after careful inspection and reviewing the report they get from the assessor. You must hire professional wreckers to earn cash for old cars in Adelaide

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