How to sell a car that has reached the end of its life?

All cars die eventually, and although it is always a sad time, it can have a silver lining. That silver lining is in the form of money. The technical term for a car that no longer runs is “junk”. When your car has reached this stage in its career, it’s time to figure out ways to get rid of it. And there are a few different ways to do this, all of them involving various degrees of effort and financial remuneration. What follows is a list that details some of these methods.


Sell whole vs. Sell it in parts

If the car is still in okay condition, apart from the fact that it doesn’t run, you may be able to sell it whole to someone who will know how to fix it. Or you could decide to disassemble it, or “part it out”, selling all the separate parts. This method takes a lot of effort, and you will need somewhere to put all these parts while trying to sell them. It will also probably take a long time. But it often turns out to be a lucrative solution. Find out how could I sell my car for as much cash as possible?


This is the most old school and possibly soon to be obsolete method. Running an ad in the appropriate section of a newspaper classifieds. This should still generate responses, as newspapers still exist and people still buy them. The best way to advertise your junk car is by way of selling it for parts. Always be honest as to the condition of the used auto parts, because honesty is the best policy.


This is the medium most people use for almost everything now. Trademe, ebay or a similar trading/selling website is popular. You can take a photo of your car, or the individual parts, and interact with prospective customers to maximise possible profits. You can make more cash for cars using it.


Scrap Yard

Scrap yards are always on the lookout for old cars that don’t work. Some will buy the junk vehicle regardless of its condition, although the condition will still factor into how much money you will receive in exchange. In your case, with the car that doesn’t run, you will want to be sure that the scrap yard in question will remove the car themselves, otherwise dishing out the money yourself to have it towed will subtract from the money you will get in exchange.


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