How Do Auto Wreckers Deal With Different Parts of an Old Vehicle?

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The auto wreckers pay you for your junk car and tow it off for some purposes. While dismantling and recycling the metal junk is one purpose, the other is refurbishing and reusing, reselling the reusable spare parts of your car. So predominantly, if we go by the definition of car wrecking, it is all about dismantling the old, scrap vehicles and dividing the spare parts into different categories like scrap, reusable and recyclable items.

So once the different components of an old vehicle have been differentiated, the auto wreckers in Adelaide start off with the process. Different parts of the vehicle are subjected to different uses. Now, some spare parts of the scrap cars are completely damaged, and therefore are beyond use. Again, certain other spare parts remain absolutely fine and can be reused after proper refurbishment. So in the nutshell, different spare parts of the car undergo different processes. On this page, let us take a brief account of the same.

The Tyres and Wheels:

 Before anything else, the wreckers will consider the tyres of your car. In almost all the cases, cars are rendered useless or turn into scrap due to engine failure, or perpetual malfunctioning of other critical components. The wheels and tyres remain absolutely unaffected (unless it is not a fire damage). Thus when the professionals offering cash for cars in Adelaide will definitely consider reusing them as replacement tyres in other vehicles in case their existing tyres are damaged. The same goes for the wheels as well.

The Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter is a mechanism that is used for controlling the exhaust emission of modern vehicles. The fundamental purpose of this particular spare part is reducing the pollutants from the exhaust fumes. In most cases, they are present in the internal combustion vehicles. This is an extremely expensive part and when it comes to replacing an old catalytic converter with a brand new one, it turns out to be a pretty costly affair. That’s the reason, the professionals who are into used car removal in Adelaide would use the catalytic converter of an old car as a replacement of the damaged counterpart of a vehicle.

The Battery

This is another area that the professionals dealing with junk car removal in Adelaide will work upon. They take out the battery of the scap car before dismantling it. The reason being, in most of the cases, the battery of the old,scrap car remains intact and it comes with a lot of life and juice left in it. Therefore, these professionals never think twice before using the battery in another vehicle with a dying battery.

The Fluids

The fluids of the old scrap cars cause a lot of damage to the environment. The engine coolant, the engine oil, brake oil, the transmission fluids are the most common car fluids that the professionals dealing with unwanted car removal in Adelaide would drain out carefully before dismantling the car, and dispose off in the right way, to keep any chance of contamination at bay.

The electronic components, the engine and the transmission system in most cases are reused in other cars.

So if you have any scrap vehicle, Adelaide Wreckers now that you know what will be done with your scrap car, as we do the same and call us today!