How an unwanted car can be wanted once again

We’ve all heard the cliché “all good things must come to an end”, and the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) thing about this cliché is that it is true. This extends to all things, from relationships, parties, holidays, and cars, no matter how awesome they were when they were first bought. One day, that car that you saw in the car yard and wanted so badly, will be an old broken down heap in the back yard that will perfectly fit the definition of the word “unwanted”.

But the truth is, that this car can be wanted again. And it is wanted. By people whose business it is to want these cars, and go out and get them, and give cash for cars, for the express purpose of giving every single last component that the car is made up of, something resembling a “second life” of sorts.

The things on an old broken down junk car that would make it an attractive acquisition for a car wrecking yard are many and varied. Just look at the engine, for example. Even if it’s completely useless and not working as a whole unit, there is a high likelihood of at least a few of the individual parts in it being in good enough nick to be used again.

Car tyres can also be retreaded if they are in a good enough condition. If they are beyond that possibility, then they can still be sold for fuel, or they can be shredded and crumbed with the resulting crumbed rubber being used in such products as AstroTurf.

Ultimately, if none of that is possible, there is still the fact that the car is made out mostly of metal. And this can all be sold as scrap metal. Very cheap maintenance cost if you use second hand car parts.

So stop looking at that old broken down heap in your garage or backyard, taking up space and looking unsightly, as useless and unwanted. Because the reality is more surprising and positive, and that car is very much wanted, by the good folk at your local car wrecking yard!