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Where can I junk my car for cash in Adelaide?

If you are keeping your unwanted piece of junk just because it is immobile, then don’t be misconstrued. Earlier folks would have to tow their old trash wheels on their own to junk yards by using means like hiring pickup trucks or utility vehicles. All those involved so many traumas along with wastage of time and money.

But due to the emergence of auto removal firms those stressful days have just disappeared. Scrap car removal companies have made this process speedy, stress-free and as well as profitable at the same time. They offer quick and convenient services from removal, disposal to paying best possible cash for your unwanted junk automobile.


Not only this, they dispose scrap wheels in through clean and ecologically sound ways. They make sure to properly discard the hazardous components of vehicles so as to eliminate their bad impacts on the environment and its surroundings.

Due to rapid growth in cash for car industry these firms are established mostly everywhere. This is why you will be able to search them in no time. Just browse online with appropriate words and you will get the appropriate provider locally.

Let us tell you more about, how these companies serve as quick and efficient solution for scrap vehicles?

What makes them so appealing?

As we have already discussed, the answer is quite simple: speedy, reliable and convenient services. Generally Auto Wreckers companies are an effective solution to all your problems from free towing to discarding your vehicle. In return, they won’t even charge you a single penny. Not only this, they will pay instant and the highest cash for your old rusty piece of scrap.

And the best part is that you don’t even have to lift a finger during the whole procedure. These firms will take care of everything from disposal to paperwork.

Know the process as depicted

The process of trading with car removal companies is very easy. Just give them a call and give your vehicle details, particularly its VIN (Vehicle identification number). You can also fill up their simple form on their website. After this they will give you a free quote and once you accept it. They will come to your place with cold cash and remove your vehicle in no time.

What are the Services they offer?

As already described, they offer various services i.e. free auto pickups, auto recycling and pay hard cash.

Due to the availability of professional scrap vehicle recyclers at their yards, they are able to dismantle, recycle and resell auto parts for good money. This is why they give you a fair price for your vehicle.

But before selling your automobile, make sure that you have chosen a reputable and licensed removal company. And also ensure that you are getting a free towing service along with best cash for your automobiles.

How much they pay for auto removals?

Usually the cash that auto removal companies depend on the brand of wheels and the company you are trading with. 

Though the offered cash varies from company to company, but you could get from $100 to $9999 while deal with Adelaide based companies.

How to sell a junk car?

Of all the simple and easy tasks that exist out there surely buying and selling a junk car would be listed as being in the top ten at the least. But it isn’t so easy to make an actual profit in the process. To understand why, we must first answer the question “what is a junk car?”

Definition of Junk Car

A junk car is a vehicle that has reached the end of its life, so to speak. It is no longer road worthy, and the amount of money required to fix it would buy a new second hand machine that doesn’t need repairing. Which is what everyone chooses to do.


Different methods of selling junk cars

  1. Sell to a junk yard

There a lot of routes you can take that will take you to your chosen destination of getting cash for junk cars. They are all simple and easy. One of them is to give your local junk yard a bell and inquire about them coming over to take it off your hands. Said junk yard will probably quiz you on the automobile in question. The questions will run from what model and year it is, what condition it’s in, how old it is etc.

Generally, the next part of this method will have them giving you a quote of how much they would be willing to pay. If you a happy with the offer, they will come over to your house and inspect the machine in person. After a bit of paperwork and maybe some small-talk, they will remove the auto from your property and leave you with cash in the hand. This is known as free junk car removal.


Hiring Car Wreckers are quick, easy and free of stress and hassles. It also takes no time and can all be done in the same day. However, you won’t get the most amount of money that would be possible to make. The free Junk auto removals make it well worth it, though.

  1. Sell to a charity

Technically, you are giving it to charity, but if you factor in the fact that it is tax deductible, you could say you are kind of selling it. This is only an option if the vehicle is in running condition. Which would mean it’s not a scrap vehicle. This write-up is about junk cars.

  1. Part the car out

This option requires time and knowledge of the inner workings of automobiles. Once you have acquired those things you can get on to parting the automobile out and selling the individual components online.

Dismantle the vehicle and set out all the parts tidily for sale. All the rest of the vehicle can be sold to salvage yards and junk yards. You get more money in the long run this way.


If you have an old scrap automobile lying about in your garage give Adelaide Wreckers a call. We are junk auto recyclers based in Adelaide who pay top cash for junk cars, and offer free removal of your scrap vehicle as an added bonus.