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Why sell your car to wreckers?

Date: June 14, 2018 | Categorycash for cars | By Adelaide Wrecker | Tags:


So, it has been a few years now and your vehicle has been a reliable mode of transport so far. However, it has survived more than expected time due to one or the other reason. It might be breaking a number of times and you are tired incurring its huge repair costs. Or it might

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Where to scrap your car in Perth, WA?

Date: February 7, 2017 | CategoryAuto Wreckers | By Adelaide Wrecker | Tags: cash for car wrecks perth


There are vehicles that are old, but can still be driven without much trouble. While there are also vehicles that no longer serve their purpose of transporting their owners from one point to another. Because they might have reached the end of their lives or maybe it is simply impractical to repair it. As the

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Junk Car

Date: November 19, 2016 | CategoryAuto Wreckers | By Adelaide Wrecker | Tags: cash for cars adelaide lonsdale sa cash for wrecked cars adelaide


There are a number of people that are stuck with vehicles that are no more functional. These people often seem to be confused because they don’t know how to dispose their trash wheels. But surprisingly, there are even people known as junk car buyers who are always on a lookout for such vehicles. They will

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4 Ways that Used Car Parts are the Superior Choice

Date: October 26, 2016 | CategoryAuto Parts | By Adelaide Wrecker | Tags: Aftermarket parts second hand car parts online used auto parts online


There is no escaping the fact that your car will need repairs multiple times during your ownership of it (If it doesn’t then you are one of the lucky few). This is not how you wanted to spend your weekend, repairing yet another problem that your vehicle is having. It just adds insult to the

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How to save money to buy a car?


If you are planning to buy a new car then possibly your first concern might be to accumulate enough funds to purchase it. However, it may take some time to save money for a new ride. Particularly if you are still paying off on your current vehicle. With the help of our easy-to-follow strategies you

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Where can I junk my car for cash in Adelaide?


If you are keeping your unwanted piece of junk just because it is immobile, then don’t be misconstrued. Earlier folks would have to tow their old trash wheels on their own to junk yards by using means like hiring pickup trucks or utility vehicles. All those involved so many traumas along with wastage of time

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How to sell a junk car?


Of all the simple and easy tasks that exist out there surely buying and selling a junk car would be listed as being in the top ten at the least. But it isn’t so easy to make an actual profit in the process. To understand why, we must first answer the question “what is a

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Benefits of using Auto Wreckers


If you are holding the scrap vehicle in your premises and planning to get rid of for free of cost – hire auto wreckers. You can call some towing company as well, but they will charge you hundreds of dollars to take it off. Why pay money since you have the free and reliable option?

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How to sell a car that has reached the end of its life?


All cars die eventually, and although it is always a sad time, it can have a silver lining. That silver lining is in the form of money. The technical term for a car that no longer runs is “junk”. When your car has reached this stage in its career, it’s time to figure out ways

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How much can I get for my junk car?


The price of the junk car will depend on the method of salvaging the vehicle. There are so many ways to scrap the vehicle, however, if you process it in an expert way, then you should have a good chance to make some money. There is an option to donate the car as well, but

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